Dress – Love

Heels – Primark

Wow I have still have photos from Spain I haven’t posted. I really can’t wait for next summer already, I need some sun and a tan!! 

This was the first time I wore this dress, although I blogged about it before here. It is difficult to find an occasion to wear this dress too as I feel it is a bit too formal for a night out? I saved it for my holiday to Spain as to me it looks like a holiday dress haha! 

Although it is sometimes difficult to find an occasion to wear formal dresses, I love dressing up! This dress is actually from In Love With Fashion but I have been eyeing up dresses on this new site I found: TB Dresshttp://www.tbdress.com/ where I am thinking of making my next purchase for a dress. They have a lot of formal dresses but I have also been browsing through their day dresses section too and they have a huge collection. Too many too choose!

They sell dresses for almost any occasion which suits every budget. If you are looking for something elegant and classy for a formal occasion I recommend checking out the green formal dresses: http://www.tbdress.com/Green-Formal-Dresses/ and the luxury evening dresseshttp://www.tbdress.com/Luxury-Evening-Dresses/ 

Some of you may be preparing for prom or looking for a dress which isn’t so formal for a night out or a birthday then check out the petite cocktail dresseshttp://www.tbdress.com/Designer-Petite-Plus-Size-Cocktail-Dresses/ and mermaid prom dresseshttp://www.tbdress.com/Black-Mermaid-Prom-Dress/ 


  1. The Style Rawr
    February 6, 2014 / 11:25 am

    Wow, this dress is absolutely beautiful on you!Tara x

  2. Adriana Bernabé
    February 6, 2014 / 1:00 pm

    Glad you posted this amazing dress, although it was from your holidays on my beloved Spain. It´s really nice, and the sandals in red are amazing. Really like it.KissesFashion Avenue by Adrianahttp://fashionavenueabc.blogspot.de/

  3. yona l
    February 6, 2014 / 6:07 pm

    You're right. I wouldn't know how to wear this beautiful dress out during the day. It just looks somewhat fancy. What a great combination you paired it with though. Red heels with a black dress is really nice.Also it does add some appeal since you're showing your nice legs ^^everlastingpure.blogspot.com