Purple and red hair

Jumpsuit – Missguided

Belt – Urban Outfitters

DMs – eBay

With my hair curled wearing heels in this jumpsuit many people have sang Grease Lightening to me, but it’s all part of the fun of dressing up. (By dressing up I mean for day or night out…not fancy dress!)

 I love this jumpsuit, so comfy and perfect for day and night! Maybe standing in front of a black chair and tables wasn’t the best of places, doesn’t exactly make the jumpsuit show up in this photos, oops.

But today I want to speak to you about hair! I also want to apologise about the lack of posts. I have just a few weeks left of university and the work is just piling up. I have so many plans for this blog which I can’t wait to get on with! 

So, hair. Like my clothes and lipstick, I love my hair bright. I’ve had red hair for over two years now. I think this may be the longest I have kept a hair colour! I like to add this temporary purple hair dye to the ends of my hair, just for that extra bit of colour (not that my hair isn’t bright enough already!)

But what I would really love, is hair extensions. But sometimes it’s so hard to find a colour to fit my hair! BUT I have found www.TedHair.com who sell extensions in so many shades including RED as well as purple. So I can find extensions to fit my coloured hair craze. I’m so tempted, I may have to treat myself. As however long I may try, my hair just won’t grow to the long luxurious length I would like it.

The hair they offer is real human hair, so you know you are receiving a good quality and life like product. You won’t be wearing extensions which look like obvious fake hair! You don’t have to buy the extensions straight either, there are a variety of different styles such as wavy, loose curls, deep curls and natural waves. 

These clip in Indian hair wholesale extensions are easy to order as well as easy to clip in to instantly give you longer, thicker and fuller hair. You can view the colours available here and find a match for you. Maybe do something like I have done and go for the ombre look and if you are not as daring as to dye it, you can just clip the extensions out whenever you like!