Duck with Plum Sauce

So we cooked something amazing! Duck with Plum sauce was a sweet but succulent meal. Duck is so nice but renowned to be fatty so we used the fat to our advantage and made it super crispy a bit like crackling. We wanted something roasted as you have to griddle both the duck and asparagus so went with Roasted Potato cubes splashed with a few herbs as they are nice and simple. We chose the asparagus as it is a recipe my Nan has used for years and has pleased 3 generations. I could happily eat that for the rest of my life and incorporating a super food is an added bonus.

Washed down with a glass of Southern Comfort and Lemonade for me and Glass of white wine for Roxii. This was an amazing meal and can be picked up for £15 for two people from 

Duck Breast – Tesco – £6.00

Plum Sauce – Tesco – £1.50 

Potatoes – Tesco – £2.00

Asparagus – Tesco – £2.25/ 3 for £4

Smoked Prosciutto – Tesco – £1.70

Total Cost – £13.45