Black Velvet – Topshop bargain

Wow I need to stop looking so moody in my photos, sometimes I just don’t know how to pose without looking silly!

Everything – Topshop

 I run street style for my university and I recently took some photos of a stylist who told me I looked like a ‘Topshop girl’. Not sure if it’s a compliment! I do love Topshop but I do like to mix and match high street with charity and vintage. But she did say I looked like I worked in fashion…that made my day HA!

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I managed to get this playsuit for £9 in Topshop recently. Yes another Topshop bargain, I featured my other one here. I also got a denim pinafore for £6 so look out for a post on that soon. Who said students can’t shop in Topshop? Who said Topshop is expensive? Pfffft. You obviously are not digging deep enough! Also to add to my excitement this playsuit is a size 6, fellow fashionistas will understand how delightful it is fitting into something you didn’t think you would! (The pinafore is a 6 too!)