KiiPix – The New Wireless Smartphone Printer has Launched!

I recently attended the launch of KiiPix – an exciting new wireless smartphone printer from TOMY.

As a child I would obsess over my Polaroid so I was really happy when they made a comeback a few years ago. The only issue is that nowadays we aren’t used to taking a photo on one try and pressure of getting it right the first time! This is why I loved the sound of the KiiPix. It brings back instant photos but has the advantage in that you can chose the photo you want to print (and you can have as many takes as you like on your phone before printing!)

Place the frame around your phone, the frame will stick to your phone so you can place it on the printer without it slipping.

The retro inspired portable printer can be unfolded to place the phone upside down on top. There’s a tiny mirror where you can see your photo and make sure you brightness hasn’t switched off or your phone screen hasn’t rotated (remember to lock your screen!).

You just simply need to click the button then twist the knob to print the snap! There’s no wires included and you don’t even need to use a smartphone, you use any screen such as a tablet or iPad as long as the photo fits the frame.

However I need a bit more practice with it as my photos are still coming out pretty dark – oops!

We had an amazing time at the KiiPix launch learning about the printer with experts on hand giving us demos on how to use it. There was also an amazing selection of London inspired sushi art…how incredible are these!?

Singer Karen Harding, best-known for her for her top-ten smash hit ‘Say Something’, partnered with TOMY to support the launch of KiiPix. Her brand new single ‘Picture’ features on the KiiPix ad campaign which had its first air during Love Island on 25th July 2018 prior to the KiiPix launch.

KiiPix is available from Amazon, Argos, Debenhams, Boots, Curry’s PC World and Firebox.

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