Jersey Spa Launches ‘Gadget Relief Massage’ for Strained Hands and Fingers

Never mind being a pain in the
neck, these days working all day on your computer, Blackberry or iPhone can
cause severe pain and tension in your fingers and hands. 

I am constantly on my phone which is slightly worrying! Overusing your mobile phone can  sometimes
even lead to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) which can be very painful.  Luckily, The Club Hotel & Spa in Jersey
has come up with the perfect spa treatment to help 21
st Century
workers (like me!) look after the most overworked part of their body.

The ‘Gadget Relief Massage’ is
priced at £22 for 20 minutes, and helps to release the pain and tension in the
joints and hand muscles caused by the overuse of phones and keyboards.  The treatment combines specific deep pressure
point massage with stretching and rotating of stiff joints. This will instantly
release the stiffness, while the hand balm of peppermint and eucalyptus awakens
the mind and revives the senses. You will return to work mentally alert with
hands that feel as if they’ve been on a mini break! Upgrade to include either nail
paint or a hydrating paraffin wax for just £26 for 30 minutes.

The Club Hotel & Spa is situated in the heart of St.
Helier, Jersey’s beautiful seaside capital, and walking distance from some of
the island’s most breathtaking beaches. 

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