Review: GOSH Holographic Nail Polish

I saw this reviewed on some blogs a few months back but never saw it in Superdrug stores until a few weeks ago. I thought £4.99 was a lot when I bought this at first, but if you compare it to nail polishes like Essie or OPI it isn’t too bad.

I wasn’t expected much as it is named as ‘One Night Wear’ but I was pleasantly surprised!

 The photo above was taken minutes after applying the polish, so as usual it shows my terrible nail painting skills!

The polish lasted a lot longer than I expected, I applied it at 3.30pm and the photo below was taken at about 2-3am and there are only a few chips. But this is what I find with most nail varnishes under £5.

(You can see some of the holographic effect picked up by the flash)

Here are some more photos taken 24 hours after applying:

The nail polish doesn’t look as great as when it is first applied but it lasts longer than expected and it is great to wear one weekend or a night out.

I love the holographic effect, sometimes it isn’t completely visiable but was still so amazed by it haha!

I would definitely recommend this and would buy it again!

 I wore this for two-three days before it started looking a mess, so it is able to last more than one night. I did notice after applying a top coat some of the holographic effect disappeared a little so probably wouldn’t use that again!


  1. xtiffyxx
    October 21, 2012 / 10:51 pm

    ooh i just bought this, ill be giving it a go tomorrow – cant wait! x

  2. Vanessa
    October 22, 2012 / 10:14 am

    Cool, I've never seen a holographic shade before!Hope you have a great week hun :-)Vanessa

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