Candy Skull

Wasn't quite ready...

Top - c/o Be Unrivalled
Pinafore - Topshop
Creepers - Underground via Office

Another Topshop bargain, my £6 denim pinafore. I had been considering buying a pinafore for so long but never got round to it, for £6 how could I resist! I felt really school girl this day with my duffle coat, satchel and pinafore! The pinafore paired perfectly with this t-shirt I was sent from Be Unrivalled. I can't believe how quick the top arrived after it was sent out to me, it took only a day or two! It's great quality and worth £21, I would definitely purchase more from their site. 

Anything with skulls on is so me and this t-shirt really suits my style. My style does change a lot, as you can probably tell from my outfit posts! I can go from a very feminine outfit to something casual and more 'boyish' and casual like this.