Clear backless bra, Sandals - Primark
Dress - Zara
Bag - H&M

I need some sort of beach themed party to go to now so I can wear this dress again and not feel too's starting to get so much colder now and I don't think this outfit is appropriate anymore.

I miss the days when I blogged daily. I'm lucky if I squeeze in a blog post once every 7-10 days! Here is one of the reasons, I'm so busy with third year writing articles for the website, newspaper and for my modules and trying to squeeze in a social life. The next seven months are going to be hectic but I really do hope they will be worth it!

I've been so busy (and broke) I haven't had a chance to shop either...well not as much as before anyway! I have about 20 new outfits from the past few weeks and months which still haven't featured on here keep your eyes peeled and keep coming back because I will be updating as much as possible!!