Black Midi

Dress -Primark
Belt - Grandads
Boots - Docs

Another midi! I've featured quite a few on my blog so far this year, I'm definitely obsessed. I wouldn't be seen dead in a dress/skirt past my knees a few years ago. Oh how your taste changes!

This is a plain outfit, well for me as I dress too bright sometimes. I bought this dress back in December for £10 but have only just got around to wearing it after I saw an exact copy in Topshop for £28!

I think I have lost a little weight recently so I need to make another hole in this belt, it's a little too loose in these photos - this was appreciated by my food baby though ;)

I may even wear this dress out with heels in the future for a night out, there are lots of different ways you can style it - I have another THREE posts coming up featuring this dress!

This is a scheduled post. After today second year will be over, all of my work will be handed in and my interview will be over then I can celebrate! I am so excited I can't explain! Expect outfit posts from tonight up soon.