Dressing for spring


Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation
Benefit Hello Flawless Powder
Chit Chat Blusher
Topshop Highlighter
Sleek Brow Kit
YSL False Effet Mascara
MUA Eyeshadow - Artiste Palette

Dress - Jones + Jones
Jacket - ASOS 
Clutch - eBay
Shoes - Primark

I'm dressing for spring because well maybe, it is spring? Well it is meant to be! 

I stayed at my friends last Friday night in Hertfordshire and the snow Saturday was SO thick! So I left quickly when the trains were running and so I get back to see some family and back home it was just raining! I only live an hour away so I didn't exactly travel far. The weather is so confusing at the moment. This is the outfit I wore out last Saturday.

My parents bought me this Jones + Jones dress in February and I can't wait to wear it in the summer, if we ever have one. If not I know I can definitely wear it on holiday thankfully. This is my 4th Jones+Jones dress, I find a little difficult finding an occasion to wear them too and feel too scared to wear them to clubs as it is bound to get ruined. I get too many drinks knocked down me! I did risk wearing it to a club Saturday though and I managed to escape without it getting any stains so I may risk wearing the others in the future :) I can't say the same for the dress in my last post, the white parts of the dress were brown when I left. It was overly packed and I got covered in coke! Even my hair was so sticky :(

I know it may be a bit 'OTT' for clubbing but I do love Jones+Jones dresses so much. Of course you get the usual people who snigger, so pathetic, but you just have to let them get on with it. I'll wear what I like thank you!