Tie dye & studs

It isn't camel toe it's just the shape of the shorts! hahahah!

It's weird, as soon as winter comes along I bring out the shorts! This is the third pair I have worn in three days! 

It's because in the winter I feel less self conscious, I love wearing shorts but sometimes I hate showing the very tops of my legs, baring some bum cheek or I feel uncomfortable with hot pants which dig into my legs (which is why now I go for shorts a size or two bigger so they are really loose!)

 In the winter I can just solve all this with leggings or thick tights and forget all my worries about showing off too much leg!

Have you been wearing your poppies :)?

Blazer - Charity Shop
Top - Topshop
Shorts - The Ragged Priest via Topshop
Leggings - Select
Boots - Chocker Shoes
Bag - Primark 

A bit of a mixture of colours in this outfit!