eBay Finds #1

Whenever I see something on a blog or in a magazine or something worn by a celebrity that I like I search it on eBay to find  cheaper version. You can find so many amazing things and I've got so many items on my Xmas Wish list that I've sent to my boyfriend and my family haha!

I also love to look at other bloggers eBay finds so thought I would start my own feature as I know how useful it is!

Wildfox style jumper - available 5 colours

Availale in 4 sizes

 Designer copy bag - available in 13 colours
 AA/Asos/Topshop/Missguided style turtleneck polo - available in 13 colours
(I've already got two of these!)

American flag bikini - already preparing for my summer holiday - available in 3 sizes

Ps. any suggestions on how I can layout this out better!? Using an online program or a program for MAC?