Studded litas.

On Saturday I went to Pimlico/Victoria for some drinks and an Italian meal with family.
I'm so embarrassing with taking outfit photos, I asked my mum to take some outside but as went to take some it started pouring down so I went downstairs in the bar we were in - which was empty - and managed to sneak some outfit photos!

Oh and I got a few in the rain!
 Top - eBay
Skirt - In Love With Fashion
Jacket - (always featured) ASOS
Umbrella - Primark
Litas - Ever Ours
 Sorry for photo overload, you know when you can't decide which ones to upload to add them all hahaha!?
I want my dads glasses hahaha! (Yes he stole some of my hair dye...but he doesn't have red hair anymore he changed it a couple of days after this hahahah!)
My new litas! I noticed a stud has ripped off when I bought these new and I was told I could return them. But after long thought, I decided to keep them. At £25 they are a bargain compared to £150 for JC Litas and these are probably the most comfortable heels ever - they feel like flats! I couldn't bare to part from them! Thanks to Ever Ours for their great customer service.

I bought this top for £3.69 + £1.99 postage, each top, on eBay in black & burgundy. I adore them! They match with so many things and look so 90s.